The generous contributions of individuals and institutions to the project, including to the Arab Indianapolis Foundation, Inc., an Indiana 501 (c)(3) public charity (86-2491369), made our work possible.

People of Arab descent like the Freije family have been settling in Indianapolis since the 1800s.
Credit: Indianapolis Morning Star, 1905.

Individual Supporters included Dr. Eyas Raddad and Samia Alajlouni; John W. Guy; Dr. Mohammad Alhaddad and Hiba Alalami; Drs. Tarick Abdo and Shadia Jalal; Stephen Hartnett; Fady Qaddoura; Dr. Mohamed Morad; Majeda and Sara Hindi; Dr. Majdi Abu-Salih; Dr. Zachary Falck; Anace Aossey; Dr. Mona Raed and Dr. Rami Ahmed; Dr. Salah Elsaharty; Sandra Lynch; Steve and Gail Castle; Eric White; Yousef Alshammari; Dr. Amira Mashhour; Diana Najjar; Steve and Susie Baranyk; Edward Curtis III; Dr. Arthur Farnsley; Dr. Susan Hyatt; Donald B. Kite, Sr.; Dr. Khaled Nazzal; Dr. Peter Thuesen; Dr. Ahmad Saltagi; Rev. Betty Brandt; Jeanne Zwald; Andrea Akel; Alicia Matkovich; Johnny Rabb; Dr. Anne Wilson; Kelly Zwald; Nicole Martinez-LeGrand; Rouba Al Aseer; Kristi Palmer; Dr. Hussein Rashid; Hosam Khaled; Andrea Watts; Dr. Anna Bigelow; Dr. David Craig; Ed Fujawa; Theresa Berghoff; Suzy Reed; Jennifer Bly-Lake; Robert Dillingham; Dr. Nermeen Mouftah; Rev. Evan Bever; Cheryl Miller; Sue Ellen Braunlin; Sampson Levingston; Dr. Layla Goushey; Dr. William Youmans; Elyse Boyles; Dr. Catherine Herrold; Aaron Black.

Institutional supporters included the William M. and Gail M. Plater Chair of the Liberal Arts; IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Research; IU Presidential Arts & Humanities Program; IU School of Medicine Gastroenterology and Hepatology Division; IU Indianapolis Arts & Humanities Institute; Indiana Humanities in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities; IU Muslim Voices; IU Indianapolis International Affairs; Garden Hill Fund; Eli Lilly & Co. Africa, Middle East and Central Asia (AMECA) Employee Group; First Merchants Bank; IUPUI Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; ACES Power; First Baptist Church; First Baptist Athletics.  

The film was by far the most expensive of our products with pre-production, production, post-production, and legal and marketing expenses totaling about $100,000. Other (approximate) direct costs included the book ($12,500), Indiana Humanities-sponsored community dialogues ($5,000), student research salaries ($5,000), the historical marker ($4,400), and the educator’s workshop ($5,000). The labor of director Edward Curtis, an indirect cost, was covered as part of his research, teaching, and service at the IU School of Liberal Arts.

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