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Are Arabs really as foreign to Indianapolis as some think? Edward Curtis, an historian and descendant of the first generation of Arab immigrants, can’t believe what he discovers as he researches the unknown role of Arab-descended people in building this most American town. He invites other Arab Americans to take a journey with him to Indianapolis’ most iconic landmarks—Lucas Oil Stadium, Monument Circle, the Indiana War Memorials, St. George Church, the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Indiana Capitol. Together, they unearth a legacy that all Hoosiers must understand if we are to overcome the burdens of prejudice and discrimination.

The Team

Edward Curtis, executive producer and presenter, is the Arab American descendant of the Samaha and Hamaway families who settled in the Midwest before World War I. The author or editor of more than a dozen books about Muslim, Arab, and Black history, he brings on-camera experience as a former college news anchor and an opera singer and actor.

Becky Fisher, director and producer, has over twenty years of experience writing and producing films for national corporations, local small businesses, non-profits, and other production companies. She oversees projects from concept to editing and post-production coordination. Her credits include work for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, The American Red Cross COVID-19 Vaccine Education campaign, and the Indiana Tree Project.

Vinnie Manganello, director of photography, is an Emmy and Telly award-winning producer, videographer, and editor of documentaries and other films. A trusted partner of WFYI-TV in Indianapolis, his credits include Eva: A-7063, Waves of Fortune: China’s Maritime Silk Road, When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists, and the 1966 Flood and The Revolutionist: Eugene V. Debs.

The Intended Presenting Station

The Campaign

We have raised 72% of our $108,000 goal.

The Budget

Director of photography plus camera and lens packageAll: per day $              2,350.00
2nd camera package (gear only)  $                 400.00
2nd camera operator  $                 800.00
Camera assist  $                 600.00
On-site producer/director  $                 750.00
Gaffer  $                 600.00
Sound tech w/gear  $                 600.00
Teleprompter  $                 600.00
Makeup  $                 650.00
Gear rentals (allow) (incl. wireless communication system)  $                 700.00
Food, parking, misc expenses  $                 200.00
   $              8,250.00
Primary production6 days @ $8250/day $           49,500.00
Supplemental shoot (pick ups)  1 day @ $3,500/day $              3,500.00
Production assistant4 days @ $600/day $              2,400.00
Location coordinator7 days @ $650/day $              4,550.00
Location fees (estimated) $              3,600.00
Sub-total, field production  $           63,550.00
Service Rate Cost
Editing$600/day x 20 days (8 hrs @ $75/hr) $   12,000.00
Music (library music, broadcast rights) $150/drop $              1,500.00
Custom animations (3rd party) Allow $              5,000.00
Narration recording in-studio (Edward)Allow $                 500.00
Audio mix & sweetening Allow $              1,000.00
Interview transcriptionAllow $                 750.00
Stock footage or image licensingAllow $              5,000.00
Sub-total, post prodution  $25,750.00           
Service Rate Cost
Pre-production planning100 hours @ $75/hour $7,500.00
Script editing & consultation20 hours @ $75/hour $1,500.00
Sub-total, pre-production  $9,000.00             
Project sub-total  $98,300.00
Contingency allowance (10%)  $9,830.00
PROJECT TOTAL  $108,130.00

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