Understand our Present

In addition to documenting our past, we are publishing the stories of contemporary Arab Americans in central Indiana. Use the pull down menu above to check them out.

We invite you to help us document the lives and legacies of contemporary Arab Americans in central Indiana. Anyone can record an oral history interview. For example, you can use StoryCorps Connect, developed in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to record a StoryCorps interview remotely using video conference technology. If you are in the same household, you can use the traditional StoryCorps app here. Be sure to read “Interview Tips” from StoryCorps, writing down the questions that you have and the memories you want to share. Ask about your interviewee’s experiences as an Arab American in Indiana, the contributions of Arab Americans to Greater Indianapolis, and what they see as their legacy. Ask if they have any old photographs or images that they would like to share with the public and obtain high-quality scans. Questions? Write to ecurtis4@iupui.edu.


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