StoryCorps Interviews

Seize this opportunity to connect

Help us preserve the memories of Arab Indianapolis


1. Download the App here

2. Prepare for the Interview

Read “Interview Tips” from StoryCorps, writing down the questions that you have and the memories you want to share

Be sure to ask about their experiences as an Arab American in Indiana, the contributions of Arab Americans to Greater Indianapolis, and what they see as their legacy

Ask if they have any old photographs or images that they would like to share with the public and obtain high-quality scans

3. Learn How to Improve Sound Quality

4. When Finished, Send Copy of the Audio File to

You can also archive the file at the Library of Congress using the StoryCorps App

5. Follow Safety Precautions During COVID-19

Do not record if you are ill and do not record any family members who are ill. Symptoms of illness include fever, cough, feeling very tired, and may also include sore throat or runny nose.

If the person you want to interview is uncomfortable about doing a recording, do not put pressure on them to participate.

If your interview subject does not live with you and is sheltered at home or in a facility, do not go and record with their face-to-face.

Wash your hands and have your interview partner wash their hands before the interview.

Clean your phone with a wipe before you begin and at the end of the interview.

If you and person you are recording are not living together, sit at least six feet away from them. Hold the phone two feet from your mouth to record the question, use a selfie stick or slide the phone over a table to the person you are interviewing for their answer. The interviewee should also hold the phone two feet from their mouth. Wipe the phone down in between each question and answer.


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